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My name is Jon Matthews, I was born in Epsom, England. I obtained my Master degree after moving to the Netherlands in 2006,  and became a junior researcher working at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. Since then I have published a number of scientific articles and professional reports for the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Authority (Nederlands Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit, NVWA) in the English language. While working at the university I was frequently asked to check and improve text written by colleagues and students that spoke English as a second language. This gave me the idea of setting up an editing service for academics, resulting in the creation of ArtikelCheck. You can find more information about me here.

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Since arriving in the Netherlands in 2006, I have frequently been asked to edit documents for colleagues and on a professional basis through ArtikelCheck. You can find examples of my work here...

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Dr. Rob Leuven, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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At Artikelcheck, we aim to maximise the chance of acceptance of your manuscript by a high ranking academic journal. We want your document to read as if it was written by a native speaker! Our editing service includes the improvement of the structure, clarity and flow of your manuscript, article, essay or report as well as grammar and spelling correction. We offer a professional, confidential and client focused service that is responsive to your specific needs backed up by a solid guarantee. For more information on the service we provide click here... 

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"ArtikelCheck has edited a number of scientific articles and reports for my research group...